At Law Office of Melissa L. Steinberg, PLLC, we believe in providing high quality legal services through broad expertise in emerging areas of law, to better advocate for those who are most vulnerable in society, and for those who struggle to find justice within current legal structures.

We are a New York City-based, full-service law firm practicing civil litigation, particularly in the areas of elder law (adult guardianships, trusts + estates), anti-terrorism law, constitutional law, consumer debt + bankruptcy law, landlord-tenant law, and family law.

We are constantly learning, and challenge ourselves daily to find creative applications for existing laws. It's not about novelty - it's about using our imaginations, legal knowledge, experience, and whatever tools may be at hand to approach complex legal issues in innovative and ground-breaking ways.

When we look back on our careers, we want to have left New York and American jurisprudence more consistent, inclusive, and just than we found it.


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